My Current Supplement Regime

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In this time and age, it is difficult to get all essential nutrients that constitute to a healthy body & mind exclusively from the diet one consumes. I know many will argue that the right kind of diet is able to provide all of these nutrients in sufficient quantity. Maybe that was true 500 years ago. However, in the last few decades there have been so many environmental factors which have altered the nutritional profile of our foods in a negative way. Think of depleted soils, decreased quality of fresh water, polluted air, contaminated oceans and genetically modified plants. They have all contributed to an environment where our food ain’t what it used to be.

This is the sole reason why I am a big believer in taking a select few important supplements. I have written about Why Taking Supplements Is Essential for prosperous health. My supplement list hasn’t changed except for 2 additions, i.e. Zinc and Vitamin K2.

1. Vitamin D3 (60,000 IUs/week) – depends on blood level

My Daily Fix
My Daily Fix

2. Magnesium Bisglycinate (600 mg/day)

3. Cod Liver Oil (4 g/day)

4. Zinc Citrate (150 mg/week)

5. Vitamin B-Complex 100 (1 pill/day)

6. Vitamin K2 (MK-7) (100 mcg/day)


That’s it. It may seem a lot to some people. But this is the dosages that I am taking in every evening before going to bed and I feel really good with that. I have added in zinc because it is essential for proper testosterone production (google it) and we usually don’t get enough in our diets.

I have learnt HERE that Vitamin K2 (in the Mk-7 form) is crucial for removing calcium deposits from the arteries. I am more likely to develop artery plaque because I lack a gene receptor in my liver that breaks down LDL cholesterol. My LDL is a lot higher than in a normal population. This genetic disorder is called Familial Hypercholesterolemia – my dad has it and my grandfather had it (both had a heart attack in their 40s).

Couple the supplement regime with a lot of saturated fats, organ meats, fish, beef, lamb, chicken, green veggies, rice+tubers – and you are good to go. Some tweaking here and there. Keep matters basic and don’t overcomplicate. Just like Ido Portal on his Facebook profile. He’s been doing Paleo long before (15 years) the mainstream was hit by the whole craze about Paleo:

Keeping things basic & simple

Keeping things basic & simple


By the way, HERE‚s his Ido Portal’s impressive bloodwork after doing Paleo for 15 years.

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  • Amir

    Great article Stephan!
    I’m curious tho, why do you supplement Bitter Melon?

    • Stephan R

      It’s great for blood sugar regulation. Cheap but very effective. I don’t use it so much at the moment though.

  • Hazcool

    Do you recomended multivitamin? Thx