My New Fitness Toy: Weight Vest

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I am impressed. I am impressed with fat people.

You ask why?

Because being fat means that you have to carry around a lot of extra weight that is constantly handicapping your body. No wonder fat people are always out of breath after only a couple of steps.

Funnily, for the first time in my life today I felt like a fat person. Not because I miracolously added 20 kg of belly fat over night but because of my new fitness toy:


Fitness Suicide Bomber Outfit

I just received my 20 kg weight vest. 20 kg (44 lbs) doesn’t sound like a lot but once you put it on you realise – Holy Shit!! Just walking around with the vest on for 15 minutes made me realise that for the sake of my joints‘ health I will never allow myself to become fat.

I am a big fan of bodyweight exercises. However, I wanted to make these exercises more challenging by doing them with added weight. For weighted pullups/dips I could just a belt and have the weights hanging down. I didn’t want that which is why I opted for a weight vest. What’s neat about the vest is the fact that the distribution of mass is more optimal because the weight stays close to your body and can’t swing forth and back.

Below I shot a video going through a basic push/pull/legs workout using. This simple yet effective workout template will still works great. Performing the dip (push) and pullup (pull) on my gymnastic rings provides for a new training stimulus.

I will mostly use the vest mostly to make the bodyweight exercises harder. But I will also try using it for some sprinting or just walking around with it at home.

Funny sidenote – I must have looked like a suicide bomber to the people I passed by on my way to the park because very disturbing looks were thrown at me. :)

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  • MIchael Allen Smith

    A friend of mine went for a hike along a railroad track with his weighted vest. He was greeted by 2 cops weapons drawn telling him to keep his hands up.

    • Stephan R

      Welcome to America :)

  • Christopher Black

    That looks hard man, definitely need to work on my form before I get to that stage!

    • Stephan R

      Working out in the vest is a very humbling experience. 😉