„Bigger Stronger Faster“ Documentary

If you take the current news headline on the finding that Lance Armstrong was doping throughout most of his cycling career, you have people raising their opinions in favour of even more anti-doping measures to be implemented in the sports sector. With more and more sportsmen being tested positive for all kinds of forbidden substances in the past few years, it got me thinking that may be a much larger fraction of athletes are actively doping their performance and it … Continue reading

Podcasts I listen to

Listening to podcasts can be a powerful tool in continuously educating yourself in an area of your personal interest. In my case, I am intrigued with learning more on the topics of health, fitness and well-being. The following list of podcasts are my go-to sources for a wealth of self-empowering information: 1. The Paleo Solution Robb Wolf, host of the Paleo Solution, is a biochemist with an extensive scientific background who addresses listeners‘ questions related to evolutionary diet, strength and conditioning … Continue reading

Portable Waterbag

Whenever I get thirsty while travelling, I am always confronted with an annoying dilemma: I can either carry water in a bulky plastic/glas bottle with me in my bag or I can resort to buying overly-priced bottled water. Both these options are neither cost-effective nor very functional. That’s why I decided to see what kind of product out there could satisfy the need for both efficiency and minimalistic storage. And this is what I found: A waterbag that can carry … Continue reading

NEWS: Biggest Time Waster

I used to love the news and spent at least an hour a day being exposed to the information flood of news.  I had subscribed to various news websites, always had BBC and CNN running in the background, got my weekly edition of ‚The Economist‘ and picked up the version of the ‚Financial Times‘ at Uni whenever I could. Sure enough, I improved my English language skills dramatically by reading and watching the news. But this is where the benefits … Continue reading

Cut out the grains & vegetable oils

I have cut out grains and any refined vegetable oils out of my diet and I haven’t never felt better before. In addition, after two years of being a vegan I started eating huge amounts of grass-fed butter and consuming high-quality animal protein with lots of saturated fat in it, my health improved dramatically. I have cured my dental caries, don’t have cold hands and feet anymore, have better skin, have build solid muscle mass and look much, much more healthy … Continue reading

20 Chin Up Challenge

I like doing chin ups. However, I have never gone beyond 11 repetitions in one straight set. I have decided to change that. In the coming two months I am planning to train extremely hard and hit 20 straight, full range chin ups on 1 December 2012. It will not be easy but I  am confident I will succeed using the training protocol below. I will follow the formula of highly-respected former Soviet special forces trainer, Pavel Tsatsouline, which states: … Continue reading

EEG + tACS = Brain Stimulation

As of the beginning of this September, I am now working at the Institute of Neurophysiology at Hamburg’s University Medical Center. I am part of the EEG lab team where I am assisting in carrying out EEG brain measurements on study patients. Once the measurements are taken via a complex collection of electrodes placed on a hood-like cap, it is my job to analyse the raw data and eventually draw conclusions. EEG: Explained Before I go further I want to … Continue reading

Strategic Overfeeding + Ketosis

The massive meal below shows the amount of food I ingested roughly an hour after lifting heavy. This meal consisted of 1kg of white potatoes, 500 g of Brussel sprouts (which are in season now), and a juicy piece of lamb tenderloin. I topped this meal with my favourite treat after a workout: 500 ml of organic Vanilla ice cream. Now, this may seem like a lot of food. But with my goal of bulking up to 85kg, a sufficient calorie … Continue reading

A traveller’s minimalist workout

Most people love to travel. At the same time, most people also love to have a body that is in top shape. However, sometimes these two goals don’t go well hand in hand. When travelling most people push physical exercise aside and neglect to include brief but effective workouts. There is no reason why you wouldn’t use the world as a gym by performing a „traveller’s minimalist workout“. In this post I want to present some super effective bodyweight (BW) … Continue reading

Paleo gluten-free Cake

This is my first cake that falls into the category of being ‚fully Paleo‘. This means that I didn’t use any gluten-containing flour as an ingredient. Instead I partially replaced it with wonderful coconut flour. This flour is low glycemic (that means it doesn’t spike blood sugar like wheat flour), high in soluble fiber, and it contains absolutely no gluten which has had negative effects on me recently. In addition, coconut flour contains 20% protein, including the eight essential proteins … Continue reading