Don’t listen to people, listen to your own body

In today’s age of internet where millions of people share their opinions on all kinds of topics, it is pretty easy to get lost and confused amidst this overwhelming flood of different opinions. In particular, when it comes to health & fitness more and more people struggle to find what is the most optimal solution for them from the internet’s vast pool of information. This phenomenon culminates in a paradox: never before in modern history have we had so much … Continue reading

Quick Breakfast

I share this quick, easy to do breakfast recipe that not only tastes heaven but also looks very pleasing to the eye. Remember, our eyes and the way our mind perceives food play a huge role in our eating behaviour. Having some high-quality protein before noon with no carbs will keep your blood sugar level stable and sustain a high level of body energy and mental clarity. 2x egg omelette with various spices added + uncured bacon fried in ghee … Continue reading

f.lux – Best Sleep Hack

We have all been there – it’s 2 AM in the morning and we finally decide to turn off our computer to give our overly used and weary eyes a deserved night’s rest. As we close our eyes, we feel the strain on them as they have been looking at the relentlessly lucid computer screen for hours. The reality is that our bodies are naturally pre-programmed to adapt to changes in light and darkness. For thousands of years people used … Continue reading

Let’s take a nap – shall we?!

We have all been there: In the early afternoon phase from roughly 13:00 – 16:00 our energy is low and tiredness kicks in. We may have loaded our bodies too many carbohydrates for lunch with the negative effect of our blood sugar level fluctuating wildly and leading to the classic mid-afternoon slump. Whether it’s the shitty food we consumed or simply a bad night’s sleep causing our tiredness, this may be fixed taking a short but powerful POWER NAP. The … Continue reading

Super Nutritious Meal

I love being creative at cooking. I also love taking photographs of food that I created. I don’t follow any rigid recipe templates – I like to experiment with food ideas that pop up in my mind. However, I definitely have my favourites – and this is one of them for sure! ROASTED SWEET POTATOES + GRILLED SARDINES + SAUTÉED SPINACH  This meal is really simple to make and does not take more than half an hour to be ready … Continue reading

Tim Ferriss – A genius of the 21st century

 Timothy Ferriss has got to be one of the most exciting and thought provoking characters society has seen in the past few years. He is author of the „4-Hour Workweek“ as well as the „4-Hour Body“ and coming at the end of 2012 is the „4-Hour Chef“. Basically, Ferriss is all about optimizing how to kick ass in life by quitting your dreadful 9-5 dayjob, being a successful entrepreneur who generates an automated income, travels the world while learning new … Continue reading

Go barefoot!

Going barefoot is probably one of the most primal things we humans are designed to do. It activates all the small muscles in the bottom of the human foot and allows hundreds of  nerve endings to function correctly. Walking barefoot distributes the force of your body weight naturally across the feet without the handicap of high heels, plateau shoes, and others. There is no need for the latest running shoes whose heavily advertised shock absorbers are a compromise to what … Continue reading

The Art of Cooking Well

Food is a fundamental pillar in being a successful biohacker. Providing nutritious foods to your body is critical to superb health and high performance. Almost each aspect of how you feel, look and perform is dependent on what you put into your mouth. I am a passionate cook who enjoys creating wonderful new dishes every day. I love to indulge in home-made cuisine that is simple and yet delicious. You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen trying out … Continue reading

The value of short daily workouts

Last week I came back from my holiday I had spent in Lisbon, Portugal with a bunch of friends of mine. During my week-long stay, my friend Marcus inspired me to engage in very brief, ~5-minute long body weight workouts. We would walk around gorgeous Lisbon and occasionally stop by to perform a set of pull-ups, push ups, dips, wall sits etc. Finding good workout spots amid Lisbon’s urban environment made us creative. For example we would use construction scaffolding to perform … Continue reading