Julien Smith – Lift yourself above normal

Julien Smith is a really cool dude who is a true biohacker. His website In Over Your Head is one of my personal favourites. When I am looking for new inspirations by fellow biohackers, this is one of the first websites to go to. He recently published The Flinch – „a book that will push you, scare you and possibly stick with you for years to come“. (if you have a Amazon Kindle you can pick it up free of charge) The … Continue reading

High Intensity Training & „Body by Science“

Anyone who is serious about doing safe and effective resistance training (i.e. lifting/pushing/pulling heavy weights) will undoubtedly come across HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING (HIT). As opposed to the conventional bodybuilding concept of working out 5 times a week to get a ripped body, the idea of HIT is to make your workouts as short and as intense as possible. Fatiguing your muscles to a degree where no further positive repetition is possible is a sufficient mode of exercise to stimulate your … Continue reading

tDCS – Revolutionary Brainhacking Tool

This brain-hacking technology may literally seem „mind-blowing“ but it may prove to become one of the most effective techniques to boost your brain performance: tDCS stands for Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation. It is a technology that has been known among neuroscientists for more than a century and is only now regaining popularity. tDCS was first used as a clinical therapy to ease depression. These days, scientists are making use of tDCS to treat patients with Parkinson’s disease and related neurodegenerative … Continue reading

Being A Coffee Snob

Without a doubt, the importance of coffee in our society cannot be denied. Anywhere you look, people are guzzling indescribable amounts of coffee each day. Coffee can be seen as another addiction many people have developed over the years. I don’t blame them for it because I admit that I am addicted to coffee as well. Now, I don’t have a problem with people drinking much coffee. In fact, I adore the taste of freshly brewed coffee and the effects it has … Continue reading

Get Your Sleep Right

In all honesty, ask yourself: How well do you sleep? Does your sleep give you the mental and physical recovery you need? Do you have a regular sleep pattern? Is your own biological clock working properly? When faced by such questions regarding their sleep most people will probably not be very enthusiastic in their answers. Many will mention a variety of problems that include too little sleep, irregular sleeping cycles, nighttime awakenings, insufficient recovery, and many more. In my opinion, … Continue reading

Why Taking Supplements Is Essential

Since the beginning of 2012 I have cautiously included various nutritional supplements into my diet. After extensive research, I came to the conclusion that today’s modern diet does not sufficiently provide all of the essential nutrients every human being requires. Most people have this contention in their mind that on a so-called „balanced diet“ they are able to give their bodies pretty much everything it needs in terms of vitamins and minerals. I used to hold a similar view but … Continue reading

Find People Smarter than Yourself

Recently, I came to appreciate the crucial value of being in the company of people smarter than myself. It is necessary to have exposure to those kinds of people when looking for new inspirations in our life. Not only does our learning curve of a particular skill accelerate during their presence but they also serve as unique role models to us. Automatically, you will be attracted by how they approach a problem or a exhibit a skill in a way … Continue reading

Quantify your life – how to use numbers the smart way

These days, we are permanently exposed to an incredible amount of digital numbers. Anywhere we go or look, numbers are floating around us like annoying mosquitoes constantly trying to get the most of our attention. People are overwhelmed by a never-stopping stream of statistical data, more colourful graphs and ever more digits flashing up on our online bank account. Don’t let numbers dictate every aspect of your life. Let’s rather use numbers in a smarter way by quantifying only areas … Continue reading

Welcome to Biohacks

I, Stephan Raczak, have created this blog with the intention of sharing information with you that I consider to be useful tools in biohacking your life. To some of you „BIOHACKING“ may seem like an unfamiliar term. Let me explain: „BIO-HACKING“ = hacking our own biology by using technology- and research-based tools to get more out life. So, just like a computer hacker will try to manipulate digital data, a biohacker manipulates and experiments with his own biology. Think of … Continue reading