Calculator: Maximum Lean Body Mass

UPDATE: If you are a hard gainer/ectomorph, use the following Online Calculator to determine your maximum lean body mass. In the post „Understanding Your Muscular Potential„, I presented a mathematical formula from Casey Butt’s e-book „Your Muscular Potential“. Based on a few body measurements, the equation calculates the MAXIMUM LEAN BODY MASS a drug-free bodybuilding trainee can maximally attain after years of hard training. This is a powerful formula because a trainee gets a pretty accurate idea of where his maximum … Continue reading

„Lean & Jacked 2014″: Diet Finished

It’s finally over. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, go check out my original post „6 Week Fat Loss: „Lean & Jacked Program„. My bodyweight has changed as follows: 14 April: 84,4 kg 24 May: 80,5 kg Total Weight Loss –> 3,9 kg This is the first time I have actually dieted in a stricter sense. Generally, I am happy with how everything went but of course there’s always room for improvement. But this being … Continue reading

Doing a Water Cut

I am currently in the last week of my „Lean & Jacked Program„. So far, the diet has gone pretty well. I weighed myself today at 81,5 kg starting with an initial 84,4 kg on 14 April. That’s a weight loss of 2,9 kg (6,4 lbs) in 5 weeks. Slightly more than a pound per week – not too bad! Of course the weight loss is not all body fat. When dieting down, you will always lose some lean muscle … Continue reading

Now Offering Online Coaching

After having several people request an online coaching service, I just wanted to let everybody know that this service is now online. Read the text below for further details or do it later HERE. I really hope this service will help some of you guys build the body, diet, and lifestyle necessary to become the best of yourself.   You are trying really hard to get lean but still get frustrated with losing that extra body fat? You have tried … Continue reading

„The Internet Loves You“ – May 2014

I want to begin this edition of the „Internet Loves You“ with a video that has probably been as inspiring like nothing else I have ever watched on Youtube. Former WWE wrestler, Mr Ultimate Warrior (recently passed away), rants about people who are just alive (as opposed to real LIVING) and makes it clear how passionate he is about PASSION. You will either love or hate him. He definitely has my highest respect for being unfilitered and absolutely honest in … Continue reading

Waking Up In Between Sleep Cycles

My Sleep Hygiene Sucks Yeah right, sleep matters. Sleep quality matters even more. We all know it and yet often times the first thing we sacrifice when trying to get more stuff done is our sleep. We have no problem abusing our circadian rhythms and thereby disrupting our sleep hygiene by staying up too late, waking up when our phone tells us to or by not sleeping at all. I am guilty of that myself: living in Berlin, arguably the world’s … Continue reading

My 3 Most Favourite Fish

Fish makes up a big part of my protein intake. Most often, I consume fish for lunch. I am not much of a poultry person – e.g. there’s no way I could eat chicken 4 times a week. No matter how well the chicken is spiced up, the inherent and interesting flavour of fish is a lot more appealing to my taste buds. In this post, I want to share my 3 most favourite fish – based on their taste … Continue reading

Understanding Your Muscular Potential

UPDATE: I have provided an online calculator HERE which you can use to find out what your maximum lean body mass could be. I want to discuss the topic of reaching your muscular potential. In our modern-day bodybuilding generation, no topic deserves more attention than this one. Many trainees starting out with proper training are deceived by the freakish bodies of elite bodybuilders. They are led to believe that they too can build a Ronnie Coleman or Kai Greene physique. … Continue reading

6 Week Fat Loss 2014: „Lean & Jacked Program“

Time to get ultra ripped & lean. As I mentioned in my previous post, Winter Sleep Is Over – Time to Ramp Up Your Conditioning, warm weather is returning and summer time is about to strike. Over the winter I worked hard on building my physique and ate food ad libidum like an unstoppable tractor. This food destruction lifestyle culminated in my bodyweight shooting up to 88 kg (193 lbs) at the beginning of March. However, as the warm season forces … Continue reading

Winter Sleep Is Over – Time to Ramp Up Your Conditioning

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but where I am at here in Berlin, winter has ceremoniously been burried away and luscious green has brought nature back alive. With the revival of spring also returns my drive to spend more time out in nature doing fun sport activities. In my case, that’s Ultimate Freesbie, playground calisthenics, car pushes and most importantly – beer-drinking with my mates in the park. In my post on Staying Conditioned Over the Winter, … Continue reading