Rice Cakes & Carb-Autoregulation

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Avoiding Gluten

For the most part, I (mostly) don’t eat gluten-containing breads, pastas, pastries, cakes etc. These so-called „foods“ have a very poor nutrient per calorie profile (i.e. nutrient density), contain way too many carbs and gluten’s allergenic potential messes up people’s digestive tract pretty badly (most people don’t even notice that). Personally, I know that whenever I consume gluten-containing products I get slightly bloated and worst all end up contaminating my environment with harsh gases.

However, growing up in Germany I have consumed a huge amount of store-bought and home-made bread that I sometimes like to indulge in these days as well. I know, I am not making my health & well-being a favour but psychologically bread is still deeply rooted within me and I associate it with positive pleasure and childhood.


Rice Cakes – Butter-carrying Vector

Too bad not everyone knows German

Too bad not everyone knows German

I have been searching for alternatives to enjoy something that compares with a sandwich. And I have found my little gemstone – Rice Cakes. Made solely from white rice with some sea salt added to it, this waffle makes for a nice crunchy sensation in the mouth.

What I realised just recently is that previously my bread sandwich served as an ideal cargo for all the goodies (i.e. cheese, ham, butter, veggies) you could stack onto it. Rice cakes are my new cargo vehicles.

The rice cakes make for the perfect food vector that can be loaded up with healthy fats from grass-fed butter, juicy animal proteins, raw cheeses etc. After meticulously loading my waffle with nutrient-dense foods, I don’t give it much time to make its safe journey right into my craving mouth.


Concept of Carb-Autoregulation

Low-carb aficionados are probably anxious about the carb content of a rice cake. It’s roughly 6g of carbs each. Not a big deal in my opinion. To be honest, I started the Paleo/Primal lifestyle eating lower-carb. However, once I started adding in weight training, cycling and climbing into the mix I quickly realised that I definitely wouldn’t flourish eating low-carb long term.

My body type falls into the Ecto-Mesomorph category which means I tolerate carbs pretty well and I don’t add body fat as long as I stay below roughly 150 g cabs on a non-active day. Nowadays, I adjust the amount of carbs I eat based on how physically active I am during the day using the concept I like to call Carb-Autoregulation:


A:  More Exercise –> More Carbs

B:  Less Exercise –>Less Carbs


Rant About Office Workers

The above approach is no rocket science. However, people sitting in the office all day long hardly moving their butt DEFINITELY don’t need to pound away those delicious pastas at lunch and top it off with carb-heavy desserts. Their activity level during the day consists of moving their fingers across the keyboard and making the long walk to the snack vending machine – those people don’t have  a big energy demand and therefore would benefit by keeping it low-carb and leaving the rice waffles away.

For everyone else who is active, (not an office worker) and doesn’t have an excess 50 pounds on their frame, rice waffles are ideal to get those fats, proteins and green veggies into your system efficiently. Also, they are effective at getting people away from the tyranny of nutrient-poor pastries and replacing them with rice waffles as a decent snack option.

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