Scanadu Scout – Towards A Personalised Medicine

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Just stumbled across this beautiful little medical device by the name of „Scanadu„. What the Scanadu allows you to do is to get an instant reading of your body’s vital biomarkers (i.e. blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen levels, heart rate variability) – all of which can be easily tracked on your smartphone’s Scanadu app. That is some seriously cool shit!!

I have written about Personalised Medicine before and the post revolved more about new exciting medical services that are pushing personalised medicine ahead. With the Scanadu the consumer can use a small piece of medical hardware to better understand their body’s data and analyse health trends which were previously difficult to measure. In the coming years we will see a myriad of new devices flooding the consumer market of personalised medicine. I am really excited about this technological leap in the medical field because it empowers a human being to assess their own biomarkers in a completely new dimension.

For me personally I am waiting for a future device that will give me a score of my entire lipid panel any time of the day without the need of having my blood drawn at the doctor every few months. Considering I suffer from „Familial Hypercholesterolemia“ where my cholesterol levels are permanently elevated, I will be able to closely monitor them on a daily basis and possibly make better lifestyle decisions to reduce my risk of dying  from atherosclerosis-induced heart attack.

I want to leave you with a quote the people behind Scanadu like to use:

„You will be able to check your body as often as you check your email!“

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