Snacking on Coffee Beans

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Kopi Luwak - Most expensive coffee beans passed through the digestive tract of these Southeast Asian cats

Kopi Luwak – most expensive coffee beans in the world are passed through the digestive tract of these Southeast Asia’s „Coffee Cats“

As I am currently deluged with a multitude of exams as part of my Engineering degree, I need to stay cognitively alert for most of the day. I am really trying to minimise energy dips by eating clean (keeping the carbs moderate) and trying to make sure that my brain performs at a consistently steady level throughout the day.

For that purpose, I have started chewing on roasted coffee beans while immersing myself in the material I need to study. I usually pop 2-3 beans under my tongue and let them sit there for 5-10 min to allow them to soak up my saliva. After that I gently crush them with my teeth and move them around my mouth. When you crush them there is a bitter sensation but I really enjoy that characteristic coffee bitterness.


Why I Chew on Coffee

I have started snacking on the beans for two reasons:

1. Public libraries or any other public coffee shops provide shitty coffee. Being a Coffee Snob, I usually avoid coffee in the public where it just tastes shitty (most of the time). Either I prepare it myself at home using top-notch beans or I don’t have any coffee at all that day. Therefore, I brought a handful of my own beans (currently using THIS batch from Monmouth Coffee) and started chewing on them.

2. Chewing on something seems to make my thinking better. It’s kind of similar to chewing a gum. By moving my jaw, I feel less tense and this seems to carry over to a better focus on my material. I have got no idea whether this physiological effect has been reported in the scientific literature or not, but it seems to work for me.


Controlling Your Caffeine Level

What I like about chewing the beans is that you can maintain a steady level of caffeine in your body. Rather than getting an instantaneous caffeine buzz from a double espresso which lasts no more than one hour for me, you can easily regulate the level of caffeine in your body by adjusting the number of beans you are chewing on. This allows you to control the caffeine variable more predictably. By drinking coffee you can easily overdo the amount of caffeine you are ingesting. This can lead to adrenal fatigue, disrupt the sensation of hunger, and ruin your sleep long-term.

Besides, coffee has not always been roasted, ground and brewed to produce a liquid. In the past, people have simply chewed on the beans to give them the energy-boosting effects of caffeine. Anyhow, having a handful of beans in your side pocket is just super convenient. No need for grinding and brewing which can save quite some time if you regularly consume 2 or more cups of coffee a day. Snacking on coffee beans is like snacking on sweets – except the beans make you smarter.

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