„Spirit Molecule“ – My Personal DMT Experience

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Note: The account below represents my own personal experience of trying out the strong psychedelic substance DMT. Let it be clear, I am NOT endorsing others to try out it themselves. 

What is DMT?

It’s my understanding that DMT is probably the strongest psychedelic compound found on our planet. DMT is widespread in nature and can be found in numerous (legal) plants. For millenia, indigenous Amazonian cultures have utilised DMT for healing and spiritual purposes in a special brew called Ayahuasca.

Preparation of the Ayahuasca brew

Preparation of the Ayahuasca brew

Ayahusca is made up of two plants – one containing DMT per se and the other one containing an enzyme inhibitor that prevents the breakdown of DMT in the stomach when the brew is taken in orally. The other (more potent) way of administering DMT into your body is by smoking it. The DMT immediately crosses your blood-brain barrier and you are thrust into a dimension beyond comprehension.


My Evolving Interest for Psychedelics

Over the last 2 years I have developed a growing interest in experimenting with psychedelic substances. For the most part, my interest has been largely fueled by a couple of sources that first introduced me to one psychedelic in particular – DMT (Dimethyltryptamine).

Listening to a podcast where my favourite bodybuilder Dorian Yates openly talks about the experiences he made when smoking DMT inspired me to dig deeper into this whole issue.

Shortly thereafter, I stumbled upon the „Joe Rogan Experience“ podcast. Joe is a big proponent of DMT and has tried it out himself several times. Listening to his and the accounts of others who have tried DMT, I became increasingly intrigued with the idea of trying out DMT myself. However, I still remained skeptical because social conditioning forced me into believing that psychedelic substances are dangerous. Therefore, I wanted to dig deeper into the actual science behind DMT.

dmt_spirit_moleculeI learned about the work of Dr Rick Strassman who is an associate professor of psychiatry and who is the author of the book „DMT – The Spirit Molecule„. He was the first researcher approved by the FDA to conduct a clinical study where he administered DMT to his patients. I highly recommend you watch the fascinating documentary The Spirit Molecule where scientists and some of the study’s participants share their experiences while on DMT.

During my research, I was surprised to learn that every human being actually produces small amounts of endogenous DMT themselves in the so-called pineal gland – located in the center of the brain. This means that our brain is actually quite familiar with DMT as a chemical compound. Apparently, the largest amount of DMT produced by the pineal gland is during our birth and death. Whatever this means, I personally find this fact extremely astounding.

pinealIn that regard, DMT should not be mistakenly put into the same category as commonly used other drugs (cocaine, MDMA, amphetamine etc). I think it’s very crucial to understand  that DMT should also not be used for the same purposes as these other drugs (i.e. partying and social reasons). In my view, DMT should be primarily utilised as a tool of nature allowing individuals to more deeply discover themselves and learn more about the nature of reality.


My DMT Experience

This summer I was presented with the opportunity of trying out DMT myself. There were many weird coincidences and details to how I got stumbled upon the DMT ceremony which I won’t delve in here. But essentially I found myself out in nature in this tipi-like tent in the middle of a remote Romanian mountain countryside. At first I was skeptical about the new-age character of this ceremony but I trusted the process and just went along.

There were roughly ten of us sitting around a small fireplace inside the tent as the „shaman“ elaborated how DMT should not be treated like any other drug but experienced with a lot of respect and used as a valuable learning tool. The DMT we smoked had not been synthesised in a lab but it was my understanding that we smoked the particles of a DMT-containing root/plant (DMT content roughly around 25%). When it was my turn to smoke the pipe, I was really anxious but not afraid. After inhaling, what ensued cannot be put into words but should be experienced by the individual to get an idea of what I mean.

This image comes close to what I saw/experienced

This image comes close to what I saw/experienced

In essence, after closing my eyes a small frame of my vision was flooded with a multitude of perfectly aligned shining dots and shapes reminiscent of a kaleidoscope. The following sounds incredulous and I wouldn’t blame anybody for not believing me – but for a short moment I saw a red hued Phoenix bird appear in my vision. After that, I began seeing spheres and cylindrical pyramids move before me. Eventually the visions started fading away and become more blurry. The whole experience was pretty much over after roughly 2 minutes. The images I had seen didn’t make much sense to me but an entirely new realm had been opened up to my consciousness. Apparently, if you smoke more pure DMT the experience will usually last approx. 15 minutes where you feel completely disconnected from your physical body.

As you all know, this website is dedicated to me blogging about certain biohacks I have used. Most of the time I write about biohacking your body in a physical sense (i.e. lifting weights, eating the right way etc). But after my DMT experience, I consider the mental and psychological aspects of biohacking equally important when it comes to becoming the best version of yourself. In the future, I would definitely like to try out more pure DMT and also take part in an Ayahuasca ceremony in the Amazonian jungle. But that’s a plan for the future and I am not going to force it.

I want to finish this post with a video where Patricio Dominguez talks about the potential dangers of DMT:


In the soundcloud below, Mike from dangerandplay.com shares his personal experience he has had with DMT. Very informed and knowledgeable man with a fascinating insight into DMT.

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  • Jim

    Great to see you expanding your range of posting topics. This and the following posts are extremely interesting. Biohacking goes beyond macros and reps. Also, a bit brave to post on this topic. You may alienate some, but I think it will be for the best overall.

    • http://www.biohacks.net/ Stephan R

      Jim, nicely put: biohacking definitely goes beyond macros and reps. I feel like everyone just gets so fixated on food and exercise that they begin missing the bigger picture.
      I may alienate some people by writing about psychedelics and not ejaculating and other (strange) stuff, and that’s totally fine with me. It’s the stuff that interests me at the moment.
      I don’t write for them. I write primarily for myself to get all of these ideas out of my head and share my experiences and opinion with people like you. I am glad you like it. :)

  • Klava

    Salut Ștefan, frumoasa experienta. Vreau sa discutam mai multe daca se poate. Keep going. :)

  • IntrOculus