Squat Challenge – „Bring Sally Up“

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Crossfit is an interesting beast. There are good and bad things about it. I won’t be addressing the bad things because there are too many. Instead, I will focus on a squat challenge I stumbled upon which was originally posted by Crossfit Champion Rich Froning. After watching a video of others completing the challenge, I was hooked and wanted to see for myself how painful the experience was.

The challenge involved playing the song Moby’s „Bring Sally Up“ and back squat down & up following the lyrics of the song. The weight to be used was 60 kg (135 lbs). My buddy and I started with 50 kg (110 lbs) to get a taste what the challenge feels like.

By the way, that bitch in the song sings „Bring Sally Up – Bring Sally Down“ 30 times. That’s a total of 30 reps. I used to like this song – not so much anymore. :)

What’s really hard part about this challenge are the paused reps at the bottom. You definitely need to be able to fully squat „ass-to-grass“ because your quads and glutes will become very weak very quickly. By having the full range of motion for the squat you can relax just a little bit in the hole in between reps.

The plan for the next few times is to increase the weight and do front squats instead of back squats. Stay tuned for more!

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