Squat to Increase Testosterone

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People don’t like to put in the hard work anymore these days. Walk into any commercial gym and you will see guys curling in a squat rack, doing machine lateral raises, chasing endless sets of pushdowns etc. It’s not that these isolation exercises can’t be used effectively in a program. But if you start your workout with these exercises there is a big chance you are not getting bigger because you are still weak on the big basic movements.


Now, the title of this post states that squatting is one of the most effective ways to naturally increase testosterone (steroids aside). But of course, the squat is only one big movement with many others available.


What are the Big Movements?


  • Squat (Back, Front, Goblet, Deadsquat)
  • Pull (Barbell Rows, Chin Ups, Deadlift)
  • Push (Overhead Press, Incline, Dips)
  • Hinge (Hip Thrust, Deadlift)
  • Olympic Lifts (Clean & Jerk, Snatch)
  • Loaded Carries (Farmer’s Walk)


Perform any combination of the above lifts 3 x times/week, destroy a lot of food, sleep as much as you can, and call me in a year to tell me about your incredible gains.

There shouldn’t be anything more to add to this except to make the mental commitment and consistently bust your ass doing the hard work that is necessary to get serious results.

Time to Ramp Your Testosterone

Anyways, the beauty about all these big, multi-joint movements is that they stimulate the largest amount of muscle mass if done with correct form and apprropriate loading. As a result, they will elicit an increased production of growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor and most importantly give a nice boost to your (Testosterone) T-levels.

Many young guys these days take pride in being weak (aka Hipster) and walk around with T-levels of an 80-year old because they are eating too much soy and are worn out by too their addiction to cardio (I get carried away ranting about hipsters again – back to the original topic). Not only do high T-levels mean that protein synthesis of the muscles is greatly enhanced, having a lot of it in your body also means that you will have high energy, a bursting libido, and an untamed drive to rip anything apart that gets in your way.

For me, nothing compares with the incredible surge of energy I get after doing a heavy squat workout. Once home, I feel like I could jump into another workout again and feel like I have an extra burner giving me extra energy. This is probably due to an increase of anabolic hormones immediately post-workout.

250 kg Paused Front Squat

250 kg Paused Front Squat

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