Stop convincing people

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No matter how hard I try to convince my family and friends to adjust their diet and exercise regime to get more visible results for their lifes, my time spent to convince them is usually pretty wasted. I can spend hours outlining the benefits of eating higher quality foods, the benefits of HIT resistance training, talking about the importance of circadian rhythms – most of the time it’s all in vain. The arguments I bring behave like rubber balls that simply bounce off a huge concrete wall. The worst thing of all – the concrete wall doesn’t even crack slightly.

I remember how when I was still a vegan back in 2010-2011, I would constantly try to convince others of switching to a meatless and dairy-free diet. I would passionately explain to people that their meat-heavy diets would eventually give them cancer and heart disease. Did I succeed in turning them vegan? Not in the slightest. Boy, was I uneducated back then!

That’s why I have stopped convincing others of beliefs that I deem to be right.

I will continue to challenge people’s beliefs and try to inspire them to change their diet and exericse – BUT ONLY IF THEY ASK ME FOR IT! Other than that, I don’t care. Because unless people are convinced from inside, there is little chance that they will stick with a permanent change in diet, exercise etc. If, however, they act based on their own inherent beliefs because they convinced themselves, change will come much easier and is more sustainable in the long run.

Rather than trying to convince others to listen to your opinions, show them how they can change by giving them the tools to figure stuff out their own way. Also, I like to lead by example and make an effort to eat well and exercise before their eyes to inspire them to join along. More often than not, people will start asking questions about these food- and exercise-related issues. I am more than happy to share my personal experiences with them – BUT ONLY IF THEY ASK ME FOR IT! Other than that, I don’t care. And I have stopped convincing others.

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