Sweetbread Organ Meat Recipe

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Most people have probably never heard about sweetbread before. And NO – sweetbread is not a loaf of bread baked with sweet raisins. Actually, sweetbread is an organ meat, specifically is a gland that is also called the thymus. It is located in the neck of a calf. Due to its very tender and unique texture (actually reminds me of chicken – just less chewy), sweetbread is considered a real delicacy among top connoisseurs and usually served in very top notch restaurants.

Unfortunately, we like our muscle meats so much that in the past few decades many of us have forgotten about organ meats which are both extremely nutritious (abundant in Vit B12, Vit C, and cholesterol) and relatively cheap compared to other cuts of meat (10 Euro/kg). I am an offal person who eats liver once a week but there are multiple organ meats that I still haven’t tried. For my first sweetbread I used THIS recipe:

1) This is what this gel-like sweetbread looked like after rinsing it with cold water. Doesn’t appear very tasty but we will get there.



2) I followed the direction in the recipe and cooked the gland in water with apple cider vinegar for roughly 15-20 min. Looked a lot more like chicken after that.



3) Chopped it up into mouth-sized pieces, covered the pieces in a ‚buckwheat flour-salt-white pepper-garlic powder‘ mixture and fried in butter. I would not have expected the meat to be as tender and soft as it was. It tasted like nothing I have ever tried before.


It doesn’t always have to be liver when it comes to organ meats. Liver can be repulsive for those who are not used to its unique taste. Sweetbread can be a good gateway organ to transition to more organs with more unique flavours.

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