The 5 Minute Favour

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If you want others to help you, a good place to start is to start handing out „5 Minute Favours“ every day. The idea stems from Silicon Valley’s Best Networker, Adam Rifkin, who summarises the impact of helping others as follows:

„Every day, do something selfless for someone else that takes under five minutes. The essence of this thing you do should be that it makes a big difference to the person receiving the gift. Usually these favors take the form of an introduction, reference, feedback, or broadcast on social media.

But yeah, do something that’s not for yourself, every single day. Expect nothing in return. Over time, these random acts of kindness will really add up.“


We Live In A „Take“ Culture

You won't suffer from 5 min less in your day

You won’t suffer from 5 min less in your day

Today’s society relies heavily on taking/receiving and less so on giving back. A beneficial balance between „Give & Take“ has been distorted over the past few decades. It seems that more people have become accustomed to „taking“ and giving back less.

In his book „Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success“, Professor of Management, Adam Grant discusses why givers are more successful than takers and why being generous is fundamental to personal success.

This is not to say that people don’t give these days. However, most givers are motivated to give to others by expecting something in return (money, favours, time). Granting a favour that is completely selfless is not easy at the beginning. But as one gets into the habit of dishing out small favours each day, the expectation reduces and the simple act of genuinely helping others becomes embedded into our socialising toolbox.

I want to integrate this practice into my life and see if this can have a positive impact on my social network. I guess, my first 5 minute favour this day has been the act of writing  up this post and sharing this idea with others.

 Check out THIS video for an explanation of the 5 minute favour by Adam Grant.

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