„The Internet Loves You“ – Jan 2014

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The new year has come around – and with it there is a multitude of interesting new posts since my December 2013 edition of „The Internet Loves You“. I want to emphasise Joe de Franco’s excellent flexibility routine under the eloquent name – „Limber 11″:

1) 7 Lessons Learned in 2013

2) Base Building Manual

3) Presentation by Dan John

4) 5 Tips to Gain Weight

5) What If Humans Had Eagle Vision?

6) Quantifying PUFA, Expert Opinion and My Conclusion

7) The Ultimate Steak and Eggs Diet for Rapid Fat Loss

8) What Patients Say Works for Eczema

9) Joint Warm-Up from the Russian Weightlifting Seminars

10) New „Free the Animal“, Resistant Starch-Based Dietary Guidelines

11) Learn to Meditate in 5 Minutes

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