The Maestro of Biohacking

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Maestro biohacking his brain

I have learnt a lot about the art of biohacking from the true maestro of biohacking: Dave Asprey, aka the Bulletproof Executive.

Since abandoning my vegan forage in January 2012, the information on Dave’s website has been monumental in my successful self-improvement efforts and has provided me with a solid nutrition plan. I was fortunate enough to chat with him for an hour where I was able to ask him anything and gain access to his vast pool of information/experience in biohacking.  His work has inspired me tremendously to say the least, and has been a crucial influence that led me to create my own website.

I have listened to a fair amount of various podcasts where Dave has been interviewed. However, the most recent one on the LondonReal Podcast absolutely blew my mind away (once again) in terms of all the knowledge he poured out to the listeners.

There are so many practical take-aways from him and I make no secret that he is an inspiring idol to me. Previously, I have written about People Smarter than Myself. Without a doubt, Dave Asprey definitely fits this bill as his smartness is through the roof.


Interview starts at 5:10.

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