The value of short daily workouts

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Last week I came back from my holiday I had spent in Lisbon, Portugal with a bunch of friends of mine. During my week-long stay, my friend Marcus inspired me to engage in very brief, ~5-minute long body weight workouts. We would walk around gorgeous Lisbon and occasionally stop by to perform a set of pull-ups, push ups, dips, wall sits etc.

No time wasted waiting for boarding at Lisbon Airport

No time wasted waiting for boarding at Lisbon Airport

Finding good workout spots amid Lisbon’s urban environment made us creative. For example we would use construction scaffolding to perform pull-ups and chin ups. In a different instant we spontaneously decided to do inclined push ups on a park bench. Since we didn’t have access to any gym during the stay we just used what was around us and tried to improvise on the go.

Our little workout sessions may have appeared rather bizarre and eccentric to the bystander but  it didn’t really matter. What mattered most was that each day we were getting a small portion of intense muscle activation – and that is what mattered in the end!

The lesson learned? Well, every time you think your busy schedule doesn’t allow for 40 min of exercise, just go ahead and perform a set of bodyweight exercises during your regular work day. This won’t take more than 1 min to perform. This mode of workout can be anything from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

If you intersperse your daily routine with these brief workouts you will not only feel more refreshed and active afterwards but you will see your productivity ramping up quite significantly.

Give it a shot!

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