Tom Platz Explains How to Build Huge Wheels

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platz1When you think about some of the greatest legs in the history of bodybuilding, any knowledgeable person will immediately point to Tom Platz‘ absolutely mind-blowing leg muscles. Of course, Tom has freakish genetics and took his fair share of steroids to get his legs growing, but he most certainly knows one or two things about training intensity and old-school tips to get those quads and hamstrings growing.

In the video below, German bodybuilder David Hoffman taps into the incredible wealth of knowledge and experience that Tom Platz has to offer when it comes to building impressive legs. Tom shares what 2 exercises he considers most essential for building legs, how to execute them correctly to get the most of out them, what mental cues and rituals he uses to get himself into the zone and many more useful insight from the leg master.

(The video is quite long, with the occassional translation into German. But trust me, it’s worth watching the whole thing – very inspiring stuff from an old-school bodybuilding legend. Start at 03:00 min.)

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