Wanna build muscle? Be consistent

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I bet that many men (not so many women) at one point in their life had the desire to build more muscle mass, be stronger and appear a bit more ‚man-like‘. Well, I am definitely one of these men. Genetically not necessarily blessed to have an intimidating Spartan-like physique, I have for the first time in my life seriously engaged in some heavy resistance training. I started roughly 8 months ago back in March 2012. Ever since my weight has changed from 70kg (154 lbs) to 84kg (185 lbs) while leaning out and losing body fat. Hence, the mass gain has been mostly muscle mass. However, one must not forget that the biggest gains in mass and strength occur in the first year of working out. My progress will inevitably slow down in the coming months/years but so far I have enjoyed the ride.

The message I am trying to convey in this post is that building muscle requires PATIENCE & PERSISTENCE. There are no shortcuts unless you want to go down the slippery path of juicing up and regretting it later in life. Rather than trying to build a lot of muscle mass quickly, try the much safer route of growing muscles SLOWLY but CONSISTENTLY over the course of a few years. I like to consider the process of shaping my physique a long-term project rather than a short-lived engagement. Muscle mass won’t suddenly pop up in your body in the matter of days or weeks. To achieve some serious results, I would guess it takes roughly 2-3 years of hard work and beyond.

It sure isn’t easy to pursue a goal over a few years but the success at the end of it will be extremely rewarding and satisfying. Building muscle mass for me is more like a HABIT rather than an ultimate goal. A habit that I can still sustain years from now. A habit that will come to fruition not today or tomorrow but in a few years time.

So, with 2013 around the corner, with the new year’s resolution in mind PLEASE PLEASE don’t rush to the gym at the beginning of January, become a member, work out furiously in the first few weeks and become weary of your muscle-building goal in March.

Think long-term!!!

I have included a video interview with natural pro-bodybuilder, powerlifter and nutrition expert, Dr. Layne Norton, who shares his year-long experience of pumping iron:


TAKEAWAY message: Be consistent + Work hard + Allow for a few years to pass = Impressive muscular body

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