Doing a Water Cut

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I am currently in the last week of my „Lean & Jacked Program„. So far, the diet has gone pretty well. I weighed myself today at 81,5 kg starting with an initial 84,4 kg on 14 April. That’s a weight loss of 2,9 kg (6,4 lbs) in 5 weeks. Slightly more than a pound per week – not too bad! Of course the weight loss is not all body fat. When dieting down, you will always lose some lean muscle tissue along the way. However, the mirror tells me that the muscle loss is minimal and it’s additionally compensated by the fact that I look more ripped.

To give my physique that final chiseled and „dry“ look, as mentioned before I am performing a water cut this last week.

What Is a Water Cut?

Bodybuilders, boxers, MMA fighters, powerlifters etc all try to lose as much water before a competition to look as ripped as possible or to make lose as much water to make it into a weight class. Cutting water from your body to look your best can be summarised as followed:

„The goal of this peaking procedure is to minimize subcutaneous water (just beneath the skin) while keeping the muscle as full as possible. This combination will allow a bodybuilder to „pump up“ before the show and look his best. A full muscle will „push“ against the skin, and if there’s no water between the muscle and skin… voilà: separated and full muscle bellies.“ 

Methods to Shed Water from Body

USA - Politics - Activists Demonstrate Waterboarding

Cutting water from your body is almost like water boarding

One would assume that shedding water from body means reducing the water intake as much as possible in the period leading up to the day when you want to look your best. That’s what I thought as well. It turns out:


The exact opposite is necessary if you want to lose even up to 10 lbs of water. Rather than drinking less water, you completely water board your body. This means drinking 2-3 gallons (7.5 – 11.4 litres) of water per day! Yes, I know it’s ridiculous but this has been a decade-long practice and that’s how you will eventually lose the maximum amount of water.

The idea is that your body adapts to peeing so much because you drink such an excessive amount of water. The day before the competition you abruptly stop drinking water but your body continues to excrete excessive fluids via your urine. Because you are not ingesting any more water at this point, your body is still primed to excrete water. It will draw most of the liquid from the layer of subcutaneous water. The thinner this layer is the more ripped you will look because your muscle bellies will only be separated by your own skin.

My best friend for the next few days - 5 litre bottle

My best friend for the next few days – 5 litre bottle

My water intake for the week will look as follows:

  • Monday: 8 litres 
  • Tuesday: 8 litres 
  • Wednesday: 8 litres
  • Thursday: 8 litres
  • Friday: 2 litres till 4 PM –> stop drinking completely after that
  • Saturday: No water –> pump up + pose + take pictures

The above protocol is not going to be fun. But being a biohacker, I am willing to take on the challenge to reap the benefits later on.


Glycogen Depletion

Along with the crazy water intake, it’s important to simultaneously reduce carbs to roughly 50 g/day from Monday to Thursday. This is crucial because perfecting your physique in the last week is all about depleting glycogen from your muscles and liver. Keeping carbs low while also adopting volume training in the gym is the best you can do to deplete glycogen.

On Friday (where I stop drinking water till Saturday), I will bump up my carb intake to roughly 300 g of simple sugars. This makes sure that the glycogen stores are topped up, thereby giving your muscle bellies that full and round look for the day you want to look best.

Stay tuned for the photographs next week. I will also write a more comprehensive post on how my diet went.

Note: The above information on how to maximally shed water was largely derived from the T-Nation article „Shredded in 6 Days„.

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  • Felix

    Nice man! A loss of 3kg is pretty decent for that time period. I guess it’s about just the right amount so that you can still keep most of your muscle tissue. I am really looking forward to the pictures! Are you sure about taking simple sugars on Friday? I guess complex carbs are a better way to go on Friday evening like potatoes and then maybe simple sugars on Saturday before the shoot if necessary.
    Have fun on the toilet! 😉

    • Stephan R

      This is what the T-Nation article says on replenishing glycogen on Friday:

      „In the first one or two meals, have fruits as your main carb source. Starting the carb-up with fruit replenishes liver glycogen very fast. We believe that the faster liver glycogen is filled, the more effective the rest of the carb-up will be.

      For meals three and four, move to starchier, faster-absorbing carbs (yams, potatoes, rice if it’s tolerated well). Meal four should be at 4PM.“

      just going to stick to their recommendation. Will see how that fares out.
      Btw, I probably need to piss about 20x/ day. A lot of fun :)

  • Ricky

    What about sodium?

    • Stephan R

      I left it out of the equation. Something to tinker with next time.