Shoulder Biohack: Weighted Shoulder Dislocations

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„Preventing injuries is way more fun than having to treat the symptoms of an injury that has already occurred.“


Below is a video where I demonstrate an incredibly effective mobility exercise called the Weighted Shoulder Dislocation. This warm-up exercise doesn’t take long but it’s helpful at warming up the shoulder joint (i.e. rotator cuff) before any pressing or pulling exercises. HERE is another article that I wrote about other warm-up exercises to keep the shoulder healthy & wealthy.

If you want to learn more about mobility and gymnastics in general, I urge you to check out THIS very insightful podcast with Christopher Sommer (Former Coach of US National Gymnastics Team). I really think it’s one of the most compelling interviews I have heard about fitness in a very long time.



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  • doug e fresh

    I like this one. Cuban presses too :)

    • Stephan R

      I have tried the Cuban Press before and didnt really like it, I have found that the barbell is too heavy at first and I had to swing too much to get into place. Slow weight progression would be more appropriate.

      • doug e fresh

        I just use light dumbbells. Start out with 5 lbs then up to 8lbs. I need to get some more dumbbells as my next pair is 20’s and then 25’s. I can do the 20 lbs, but my form isn’t the best. I have recently started doing the dislocates with some light weight like you showed in your video and I have to say, I think my shoulders are feeling better :)

        • Stephan R

          They are bound to feel better – they have successfully been used with many high class athletes.