Why Men Should Ejaculate Less

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Time Mismatch Between Male and Female Orgasm

All too often, the duration of sexual intercourse depends heavily on how long it takes the man to ejaculate. As every sexually unsatisfied woman will tell you, this wouldn’t be much of a problem provided that men were able to resist the need to ejaculate prematurely.


As you can see from the graph, roughly 3 minutes is the average arousal time it takes for a man to reach his climax and ejaculate. Men’s sexual arousal works kind of like an ON/OFF light switch. Every young man perfectly understands that and knows how easy it is to ejaculate in the matter of a few minutes.

Women on the other hand, take a much longer time to get sexually aroused. They require roughly 13 minutes (often times >20 min) to slowly build up and reach their first orgasmic climax. As opposed to men, women who have reached their first orgasm, are able to experience further multiple orgasms throughout the sexual intercourse provided the man can go the full distance.

From a timing perspective, the implication is that the orgasmic peaks for men and women are way apart. This time mismatch between the male and female orgasm is probably why so many women feel unsatisfied/unfulfilled/unsatiated after sex. Men, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about that because for all they know – they had fun, they ejaculated = Sex was awesome (apparently)!


Male Ejaculation Drains Life Energy

Besides understanding that premature male ejaculation leaves most women sexually unsatisfied, men also have to question themselves whether ejaculation per se is the ultimate end goal of sex.

The ancient practice of Indian Tantra taught men about the importance of Ejaculation Mastery. Being able to voluntarily control ejaculation served to prolong the act of love-making. Moreover, male practioners of Tantric sex also believed that ejaculation represented a great drain on physical energy. They sought to ejaculate as infrequently as possible and instead divert the stored up energy to energy chakras that would get them closer to enlightenment.

It turns out, Steve Jobs was also a Tantric practioner and ‚wanted Tantric sex in the garden shed‘. And Sting remarked to his fans that „this evening [his 60th birthday] has been almost as pleasurable as a 12-hour session of tantric lovemaking with my wife, Trudie.“

Young Hercules

Young Hercules – No premature ejaculation guaranteed


Orgasm Doesn’t Have to Equal Ejaculation 

I would bet 99% of men think that ejaculation is the same as orgasm. Both these concepts are considered synonymous, equivalent and interchangeable. When men reach their orgasmic peak, they will most lilely ejaculate as a result as they have surpassed the so-called „Point-of-No-Return“. When men surpass this point, they ejaculate because they are no longer able to voluntarily withhold the release of their sperm.

Per se there’s nothing wrong with ejaculation coinciding with the orgasm. But wouldn’t it be awesome for men if they could experience multiple orgasms in one sex session while also leaving the lady completely satisfied?

Again, the practice of Tantric sexuality teaches that orgasm and ejaculation can be separated from each other and experienced at separate times. If a man learns how to gain control over his ejaculation, it can help him reach multiple orgasms during. In the following, I have summarised a few techniques that Tantric practioners have utilised over the millenia to master ejaculation.

Khajuraho sculptures practicing Tantric sex

Khajuraho sculptures practicing Tantric sex


Techniques to Master Ejaculation


1) pc-muscleSqueeze Pubococcygeal (PC) muscle: Squeezing the PC muscle right before imminent ejaculation is one of the most potent techniques one can employ to prevent ejaculation and work towards multiple orgasms. The more you train it, the better you can control it. Therefore, squeeze it 100-200 times during the day.

2) Start-and-stop-technique: As you feel that you are about to ejaculate, Tantra practioners recommend simply stoppping any kind of movement/ friction and allowing the feeling to fade by taking deep breaths. It may seem weird to abruptly stop, but your partner will thank you later as she notices that your continence increased.

3) Interrupted urination: The idea is to urinate in short jet bursts. Rather than peeing with no pause, try voluntarily interrupting the jet and holding with 2-sec pauses in between. Tantric belief is that if you can control urinary potential, you will also be able to control sexual potential.

4) 3-Finger-Squeezing: the idea here is to use three fingers and apply pressure to the area between the anus and scrotum shortly before imminent ejaculation. The mechanical pressure on the urethra (=tube which transports semen) prevents the flow lowing of semen.

These are the few techniques that I have personally started practicing on a daily basis. For the sake of your own and your partner’s increased sexual pleasure, learn how to master your ejaculation as well.

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  • John

    What was the result of your practice? Were you capable of holding your sperm longer?

    • http://www.biohacks.net/ Stephan R

      I have just been doing this for a few weeks. At first, it’s really hard to resist the urge to just let go. But I think, as with everything you want to get good at: it takes time!!
      Just like bodybuilding, I will treat Tantric sexuality as a long-term self-development project.

      Thinking about giving these Tantric techniques a shot (no pun intended) ?

      • John

        Sorry, got some errands to run and forgot about the rest of the Internet. Well, I don’t know. I consider you to be a credible source of whether something works or doesn’t.

        Tantric sex is a niche that Internet does like to believe it works and make some cash on top of it. I’m not saying it doesn’t work, as I’m very open-minded with things like this. I’m just saying that I don’t know of any credible source of its efficacy. Given that I hate doing high reps on everything, except maybe when thrusting (pun intended!), I’d like to see whether my efforts could possibly pay off. Keep us updated!

        To give you an example of my open-mindness of these subjects, a couple of months ago I started looking into penile extender devices because I have I slight bend penis and I’d like to straighten it to prevent developing Peronyie’s disease in my 40s or 50s. Sex is said to cause microtrauma on the already bent penis, so even I have a normal penis, it wouldn’t do harm to have it straightened.

        I looked into PubMed and there’s in fact some indication that it might work for correcting the curvature, but the studies didn’t consider long-term side-effects, so I dove into forums (which are full of fallacies and tend to attract insecure men eager to believe that penis enlargement claims and anecdotes are absolutely true) to learn more. There is a lot of claims of +5 cm penises, and guys charging for courses and shit. While I BELIEVE it could be possible, I tried to look for the side-effects. To mention a couple: the skin naturally stretches with your penis, so you MIGHT get pubic hair growing on your shaft. There are apparently issues with erection, but it’s unclear if it’s due to wrong use or if the ligaments of your penis are broken somehow. Anyways, lots of shit to read about before I decide to try it or not.

        There are also lots and lots of techniques to enlarge the penis, such as Jelqing, in which giving a try only resulted in inflamed pores on my penis and made give up on Jelqing. So I wonder about the efficacy of PC workouts as I consider these niches to be closely related. I hope that I’m wrong and would like to be happily surprised if someone proves that I’m wrong.