Winter Sleep Is Over – Time to Ramp Up Your Conditioning

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Kicking the season off with heavy-ass car pushes that will bring you on the verge of puking your lungs out, if done correctly

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but where I am at here in Berlin, winter has ceremoniously been burried away and luscious green has brought nature back alive. With the revival of spring also returns my drive to spend more time out in nature doing fun sport activities. In my case, that’s Ultimate Freesbie, playground calisthenics, car pushes and most importantly – beer-drinking with my mates in the park. :)

In my post on Staying Conditioned Over the Winter, I thoroughly outlined some brutal conditioning exercises we can use to ramp up our conditioning while not becoming a pathetic, Marathon-running Cardio junkie at the same time. To give you an idea of a short but intense exercise, check the video below where I am pushing one of those heavy barrels that are used to even the grass on football pitches.

By the way, if you want to piss off some miserable-looking runners in your local park, considering wearing this piece of fashion beauty manufactured by none else but Nike Inc. I will happily lend this t-shirt to a self-destructive marathoner to wipe off their sweat. (Big shoutout to Big G for sending me this t-shirt as a surprise gift).


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