Working for Neurons Inc & Moving to Medellin, Colombia

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In the last 3 years, I have never taken as long a break from blogging as I have over the last few months. Since my „Lean & Jacked 2015 Diet Finished“ in June, I just was not feeling the inner drive to write about fitness-related topics any longer. Sure enoug,h, I will still be posting about insights I gain from training, but not with the frequency of the last few years. I also want to use this website more of a gateway to write about what’s going on in my personal life and where my own journey is taking me.

So, in terms of an update of what happened during the last few months in my life I want to share two significant events:

1) Working for NEURONS Inc 

In May, I have embarked on a journey with an incredible Danish startup called NEURONS Inc. The company uses neuroscientific tools to provide companies with insights about how well their products/websites etc are performing and how they are perceived by consumers. This field of research and work is also known as NEUROMARKETING.

Basically, we make use of EEG and eye-tracking to analyse consumers‘ emotional and cognitive reactions to products or websites. Based on the analysis of these EEG data, we are able to give very accurate recommendations to our clients as to how they need to change their products in a store-environment, make adjustments to their websites etc to increase sales and perception of the particular brand.

I am very grateful to be on board of this small 5-man company, because I cannot see myself working for a large company with a large hierarchy tree, little flexibility etc. Being able to go to diverse projects abroad with Neurons has only been one of the many niceties associated with working for them.

Here’s a little video of what Neurons Inc is all about:


2) Moving to Medellin, Colombia

The other significant event in my life over the last few months was my move to Medellin, Colombia mid-July. Until the end of December, I will be spending a semester here at the excellent  private university EAFIT studying Spanish and taking several business courses from their MBA program.

So far, it has been a wonderful culturally-rich experience where my Spanish is becoming better poco a poco cada dia („bit by bit every day“). It has only been a little more than a month here with lots of stories to tell, but I will just let some of the images below tell some of the tales:

DSC04045 DSC04048 DSC04073-001 DSC04085 DSC04087 DSC04093 DSC04185 DSC04195 DSC04223-001 DSC04234-001 DSC04235 DSC04299-001 DSC04305-001 DSC04307-001 DSC04316-001


Eat that…

Still training hard

Still training hard


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